Creating sustainability in the workplace doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. With today’s technology and resources, there are plenty of ways your office can reduce waste, utilize natural light, and reduce the company’s carbon footprint in an effort to become more eco-friendly.

At iSpace Office Interiors, we can help you create a more sustainable atmosphere, and it starts with the interior design and office furniture throughout your company. For example, big, clunky desks can make a space feel heavy and cluttered, but sleek and stylish furniture creates an open-air, minimalistic vibe that can motivate you to identify other areas in your office that could be a little eco-friendlier.

Are you going paperless?

Paper is one of the most distracting office resources your company is using. With cloud-based storage and digital drives such as Google, there is no reason you should be printing and harboring so much paper. Not only is paper expensive to produce, but it also very rarely gets recycled and reused. Additionally, it can make it hard for you to promote an eco-friendly office when you’re using a product that’s devastated forests around the world. So, your first order of business to make your office eco-friendly should be to move to paperless whenever and wherever possible.

How can you recycle more?

As we mentioned before, recycling is not an exciting business venture. It’s a lot easier for employees to just throw their trash in one bin and not have to put much thought or effort into it. However, if you’re thinking about renovating your office and want to be more environmentally conscious, you can specifically incorporate more recycling areas in your new space. Place these recycling bins throughout your office and encourage employees to recycle paper and plastics.

Do you have monthly green challenges?

To get everyone excited about making the office eco-friendlier, create a friendly competition between teams and see who can hold out the longest. These challenges could include going plastic-free at lunch, utilizing personal refillable water bottles, or even which department can recycle the most paper in a month. Reward your winners with small prizes like gift cards, snacks, and free coffee.

How can you improve your office products?

Are you operating on a small budget for office supplies? Then you may not be able to make the complete switch to more sustainable options, but there are still small steps you can take in the right direction. For example, you might look for ways to install more energy-efficient electronics, such as cable cords and lightbulbs. You might also look for ways to move away from clunky, energy-hogging computers and monitors to more sustainable tablets. Updating old outlets with more energy-efficient plugs is also another low-cost option. No matter what step you take, anything towards an eco-friendly office is an improvement.

Are there ways to incorporate renewable energy?

Remodeling your office space to incorporate renewable energy is a great way to make the office eco-friendly. If you desire to make an impact and want to make it now, this is one of the best options. Moving away from traditional energy sources and turning towards solar, wind, and geothermal are just a few examples of the types of renewable energy your office building could start using. While the investment is high, these efforts to create an eco-friendlier office will not go unnoticed by both the environment and your pocketbook.

Are You Ready to Find New Ways to be Eco-Friendly at Work?

When you’re ready for an eco-friendlier office, call the team at iSpace Office Interiors. We can help you plan and create a sustainable workplace that fits both your company growth goals and your environmental goals. We proudly serve businesses throughout the Indianapolis area, so contact us today at (317) 694-7197.

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