When you look around your office, does it remind you of a time when workers wore shoulder pads and had pagers? If so, then it’s time for a bit of upgrading! With so many great styles and furniture options from iSpace Office Interiors, you can easily update that old office decor and bring your staff into the 21st century. We realize that your budget may not allow for an entire office remodel, but you need to start somewhere. So, why not start with the most obvious? Desks. Here’s how you can tell it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new!

  1. Worn Finish

The first sign that it’s time to replace your desk is the wear and tear. In some cases, companies can get years of use out of their office desks. But in other cases, they went with cheaper desks that are now falling apart. If your situation is the latter, then it’s time to replace those pieces. Sure, you can try and screw or bolt things back together and maybe get another year or so out of them, but eventually they will crumble, and it’ll be at the most inconvenient time. So, if your desk is looking a little questionable, then it’s time to start shopping.

  1. It Looks Dated

There’s nothing wrong with a decades-old piece of furniture, but that usually doesn’t inspire the current generation of workers. One of the most significant indicators that your office is dated is the look of the desks, which can be a major red flag if you’re trying to attract new talent. A dated office could send the wrong message that your company is stuck in the past and isn’t forward-thinking. This may not be the case at all, but it’s certainly the impression potential hires and even your current employees might feel. So, if your desk looks old and dated, then it’s time to replace it with something modern and new.

  1. You Run Out of Space

Do you find yourself and your desk buried under piles of papers? Then, friend, we fear you’ve outgrown your space. This isn’t a bad thing, but it can be frustrating if you can’t find things or feel disorganized. Today’s office suites and desks come with more storage and desk space than those from years past. You might also find that your current desk no longer fits with your working style or responsibilities, so this is a key indicator that it’s time for a replacement. Try updating it to something that gives your office space an open feel or is sleeker and more stylish in design.

  1. It’s Not Ergonomic

Creating an ergonomic workspace can improve your motivation and productivity while at work. So, if a broken or dated desk is holding you back, then you know it’s time to replace it. Additionally, sitting at your desk all day long for years on end can take a toll on your physical health, leading to joint pain, arthritis, and lower back pain. However, the good news is today’s designers and manufacturers are creating furniture that can easily lift into standing workstations or fold down to the right height for when you need to get off your feet. Either way, being conscious of the ergonomics of your office space is crucial for work health and satisfaction.

Find Your New Office Space Today

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Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-sitting-down-and-using-his-laptop-374085/