How to Use Postcards for Holiday Marketing

If you’re like many businesses, you may rely heavily on email marketing. You may even have a marketing automation solution that is automatically sending your holiday promotional content! If so, good for you, and by all means continue to try and engage your fans through email. But we are going to remind you about the tried-and-true postage stamp type of mailer, the postcard. As you head into the holiday season, don’t forget about postcard holiday marketing!

With the continuous postage stamp increase putting standard first class letters at a whopping $.50 per envelope, it is a smart plan to consider the best ways to use postcards as your snail mail go-to this holiday season. Because there’s a dark side to holiday email marketing. A dark, black hole. According to the 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study by IBM, there’s an 18.8% lower open rate for emails sent between Nov 27-Dec 31. There is also a significantly higher rate of email send during that time, with companies “often doubling the number of [email] sends” during that holiday window.

Your Secret to Successful Postcard Holiday Marketing

Whether you choose standard sizes or opt for a large version for your holiday marketing, a vibrant postcard with a strong call-to-action will make an impression and get results.

Good e-marketers will tell you that one of the best ways to maximize online traffic and sales is using direct mail to target shoppers and drive them to the Web. Email is great if you have opted-in addresses. If you don’t have them or want to make sure you hit your entire customer list, direct mail with postcard holiday marketing is the ideal way to accomplish this.

3 Ideas for Holiday Marketing Cards

If you haven’t designed a postcard before, take the time to learn some of the recommendations and best practices for building a strong piece. Consider custom options to help your message stand out even further. Own a pizza parlor? Send a postcard die-cut to look like your best-selling pie. Include scented ink to get their mouths watering. What’s that? Yes, there is such thing as scented ink and it really smells like pizza. Want something more hands-on? Use a scratch-off covering to hide a coupon code.

Here are some ideas to get you started with direct mail postcard holiday marketing:

  1. Give Thanks

This is a perfect opportunity to give thanks to your customers for supporting your business. A simple “Thank You” can go a long way toward increasing customer loyalty. Your customers may thank you in return by shopping or using your business this holiday season and on into the new year. You can go one step further and have a special “Pre-holiday” or Holiday Thank You open house and invite your customers to visit your business for some socializing and refreshments. And maybe a special deal or two.

  1. Reminders

Not all businesses offer products for sale, but this time of year is also busy for service-oriented companies, too. Let your customers know you’re there for them, especially during the holiday season. Whether you have a plumbing, gardening, catering, restaurant or spa business, you offer services that are much needed this time of year. A holiday party wouldn’t be the same if the plumbing didn’t work, so let your customers know ahead of time that your company is there when they need you. If you have a holiday event coming up, use postcards to remind attendees when and where the event is. They’re super easy to stick to a fridge or board as a helpful reminder to stay top of mind.

  1. Clean Your List

Start the New Year off right with updated email addresses. If you had some email addresses bounce in the last few months, try sending a postcard to get your recipients to update their information. Ask them to go to your website, call or visit. You can even try offering a promo on services or products if they give you their new email address.

How to Get Started With Your Postcard Mailing

There’s really no bad time to start your campaign, but as you think about the holidays you should be thinking sooner than later. Consumers are gearing up for big holiday spending and you need to be top of mind as they’re heading out the door.

Give yourself at least two weeks of lead-time from when you place your order to when you want your piece in the hands of your audience. That’s enough time to have your postcard printed, get your mailing list vetted and let the postcards flow through the mail.

Think Beyond the Holidays

Take a cue from the big boys – post-holiday sales are always popular, whether it’s people exchanging unwanted gifts or spending holiday cash they received. Reaching your customers after the holidays with well-timed mailings will also help by liquidating the last of your year-end inventory or start getting ready for next year with New Year’s promotions. Think of your direct mail as a smart investment strategy – you don’t want to be trying to time the market. Promote consistently both before and after major holidays to ensure that you’re staying top of mind with customers whenever they’re ready to buy.

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