As a business owner, it’s a good idea for you to stay up to date on technology trends from one year to the next. When you are aware of what’s coming down the pipeline, you can create a work environment where it’s easier for your employees to be productive and proficient. In the wake of the pandemic, how offices conduct business and base their business models will never be quite the same. 

As things open up and more people go back to an office setting for work, we here at iSpace Office Interiors thought it would be an excellent time to discuss the office technology trends you should be aware of in 2022. Businesses that fail to stay relevant and adapt to changes in office technology have the most significant potential to fail. Do more for your business, employees, and customers by considering these office technology trends as you make important decisions for your office going forward. Let’s get started!

1. Remote and Video Conferencing Are Here to Stay

While the pandemic has led to a significant rise in the popularity of video conferencing, it seems that this trend will continue in 2022, whether we like it or not. We’ve all gotten well-acquainted with Zoom in recent years, and many newcomers are supplying their offerings in terms of remote and video conferencing. Startups such as Eloops, Tandem, Slab, and Bluescape seek to revolutionize how we communicate with our staff remotely. With so many business owners getting used to remote communication, this is an office technology trend that we’ll continue to see in 2022. 

2. Utilizing the Cloud Will Be More Popular Than Ever

Most offices are already utilizing the cloud, which is an office technology trend we expect to continue in 2022. Not only can using the cloud streamline a variety of processes, but business owners have also grown to appreciate the ways it encourages collaboration, the organization of data, and overall project management. If you’ve yet to incorporate the cloud into your everyday office processes, consider jumping on board in 2022!

3. The Rise of Workplace Management Software

As we move away from the pandemic more and more, it is expected that we are going to experience a shift from an environment where people come to work to a place where teams can meet and socialize in person. For this reason, on days where employees will find themselves working from home, specific tools will be required for communication, management, and collaboration. That’s where workplace management software comes into play, a significant office technology trend you should be aware of in 2022. 

Workplace management software gives both management and staff the tools they need to succeed both in and outside of the traditional office environment. Depending on the exact software you choose for your office, the platform will be responsible for both “back-office” and “front-office” tasks. With workplace management software, you’ll be able to handle service requests, desk booking, communications, visitor management, and more in 2022.

4. An Improved Wireless Infrastructure

Finally, as your employees shift to the traditional office environment, it’s the perfect time to assess the quality of your wireless infrastructure. To ensure that your business will be supported, you have to identify whether or not your bandwidth and coverage are up to par. We expect there to be a spike in the number of video calls that will be taking place on office networks, so enhancing your wireless infrastructure in 2022 is an office technology trend you should consider. Make sure that your business is well supported!

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The office technology trends mentioned in this article will help businesses like yours become more productive, and competitive as the traditional office concept evolves. If your company can integrate these technologies, you will find yourself in a much more comfortable position to meet your goals. Want another way to enhance the office environment? iSpace Office Interiors is here with the tools you need!

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