Sound management, also known as sound masking, involves the use of technology to achieve privacy and eliminate distraction and discomfort in the office environment. If you’re a business owner, you should know that managing noise and distractions is crucial to the workplace. Not only can sound masking help you mitigate security risks, but it can also produce a happier, more enjoyable work environment.

Today, iSpace Office Interiors will be walking you through the benefits of sound management in an office like yours. We’ll start by explaining what it is before moving on to all of the positive impacts you can expect by installing this type of component in your office. With that, let’s get started!

What is Sound Management?

Before discussing the benefits that you can expect from sound management in your office, let’s talk about what it is and how it works. Sound masking works by adding neutral noise to the background of the workplace to render distracting noise completely powerless. While this may seem counterintuitive, it’s important to remember that white noise is a nonrepetitive broadband sound.

The low-level background sound used is created by speakers in the plenum and an adaptive sensor placed in the same sector as the speakers. This adaptive sensor measures the total amount of disruptive noise in the space. It will automatically adjust the volume of the neutral noise depending on the specific needs at that moment.

This type of noise disruption technology is used in various environments, including hospitals, government institutions, and military bases. Thanks to its many benefits, this technology is becoming increasingly popular in corporate environments.

What Are the Benefits of Sound Management for Businesses Like Yours?

If you’ve ever been in a noisy office environment, you know how distracting personal calls, team meetings, and customers can be to other staff members. When you distract employees with outside factors, you’re left with a workforce that lacks productivity. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect from mitigating noise distractions in the workplace.

  1. Protecting Confidential Information
    Each day in your office, it is highly likely that private information such as credit card numbers and customers’ personal information is exchanged. When these conversations are commonplace, this puts the confidential information of your customers and employees at risk. Suppose your office has a lot of open space. In that case, this information is even more vulnerable as it will be easier for others to hear.Protecting customer information is vital, primarily if you work in an industry where it’s the law, such as the healthcare industry. Sound masking technology goes a long way in ensuring confidential information stays confidential in the office environment.
  2. Ensuring Privacy for Office Meetings
    Meetings are meant to be private, especially when these meetings involve sensitive topics. Whether you’re discussing the specifics of an upcoming product launch or a company acquisition, muffling the conversation at the table helps keep private sessions private. According to Cambridge Sound, 60 percent of employees report that a lack of speech privacy is a central point of dissatisfaction in the workplace. Effective noise and speech privacy management is critical to eliminating a lack of overall privacy in your workplace.
  3. Eliminating Workplace Distractions
    As we’ve already mentioned, workplace distractions are everywhere. Not only do such distractions make it harder for your employees to be productive, but they are also a major contributor to stress. When you’re able to eliminate distractions in the workplace, you promote better productivity overall and allow an environment where your employees can work more effectively. Taking the steps to eliminate unwanted noise is a great way to ensure that everyday workplace distractions don’t end up costing you.
  4. Boost Workplace Productivity Significantly
    Finally, sound management can lead to a more enjoyable working environment overall. According to the same report from Cambridge Sound, noise interrupts employees every 11 minutes on average. Further, it can take up to 23 minutes for employees to get back on track. When employees are less distracted and more engaged with their tasks, you can expect a significant boost in productivity that will positively impact your company.

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